Photo Metadata Conference

This was the fourth international

Photo Metadata Conference

"Using Metadata
To Power Your Business"

9 June 2010

Dublin, Ireland(Europe)

Organisers Photo Metadata Conference 2010





Previous Metadata Conferences:

2007 in Florence (Italy)

2008 on Malta

2009 in Dresden (Germany)



This half-day conference had a focus on business related best practices for using photo metadata:

Opening of the Conference by its chair
Stephane Guerillot (IPTC/AFP)

Presentation of the results from the
CEPIC/IPTC Photo Metadata Usage Survey

This survey reflects the current use of photo metadata by image suppliers (CEPIC and IPTC members) and their clients.
See the results from the supplier survey
See the results from the client survey
Presentation by
Paul Brown, Committee Head (CEPIC)
Michael Steidl,
Managing Director (IPTC) [presentation ]
The Metadata How-To
Introduction and walk-through of the IPTC Core and Extension metadata fields by examples:
Best practices for annotating different types of images and which metadata to apply at different stages of a photo workflow - a guideline for the day-to-day business.

This presentation will show the new IPTC Extension panel in the Adobe CS5 products and will introduce a brand new IPTC/PLUS Metadata panel for Adobe CS3 and CS4.
Presentation by
Sarah Saunders, Metadata Expert(CEPIC/BAPLA) [presentation ]
Michael Steidl (IPTC) [presentation ]
The Image CV Project
First public presentation of a controlled vocabulary for describing images - and potentially also video - this way complementing keywords.
Presentation by
Sarah Saunders (CEPIC/BAPLA) [presentation ]
An Image CV user interface mock-up
A presentation how this new approach to annotating images could be supported by an intuitive user interface.
Presentation by
Abbie Enock, Managing Director (Capture Ltd) [presentation ]
Image CV discussion with the Conference participants
Seaching for images - finding by metadata
The impact of metadata on searching for and finding fo photos in image databases - and how the right metadata may help selling pictures.
Presentation by
Mary Forster, Director of Search Strategy (Getty Images)
Andrew LaBonte,
Senior Manager, Search Metadata (Corbis),
[presentation ]
Conference closed


We are looking forward to the Photo Metadata Conference 2011 ...