Photo Metadata Conference

This was the Fifth international

Photo Metadata Conference

"Mind the Gap:
media convergence
and metadata solutions"

20 May 2011, Istanbul, Turkey


Christina Vaughn, CEPIC president

Christina Vaughan, CEO Image Source and President of CEPIC, giving her keynote:
- metadata is fuelling the business
- we have to overcome the obstacles in using metadata across multimedia content
- we should build on shared metadata schemas





Previous Metadata Conferences:

2007 in Florence (Italy)

2008 on Malta

2009 in Dresden (Germany)

2010 in Dublin (Irland)



This half-day conference had a focus on building bridges across the troubled waters dividing different types of visual media and content.

Opening by the Conference chair,
Stéphane Guérillot, AFP, Chairman of the IPTC

Mind the Gap
presentations about what you have to be aware of and discussions about practicalities when managing photo and video

Keynote: Christina Vaughan, CEO Image Source and President of CEPIC

Supplier and system vendor experience from moving into video and look at the metadata challenges:

BJ Warnick and Uschi Gerschner, NewsCom Inc.
[presentation ]

Abbie Ennock, Capture Ltd. [presentation]

Helge Viehof, dpa/Picture Alliance [presentation ]

Tom Walmsley, Specialist Stock

Presentation of the Embedded Metadata Manifesto
find more at

First public presentation of
The CEPIC/IPTC Image Metadata Handbook

Guidelines on image metadata and rights for business users

CEPIC has created with contributions from IPTC a package of documents about:
- Good business reasons for using metadata
- Guidelines for using metadata effectively and efficiently
- Proposals for creating your own metadata workflow
- Basic legal information about metadata in Europe and North America
This was the first public presentation of the package,
by Paul Brown, Member of the Board of CEPIC, and Sarah Saunders, author of the metadata guidelines and member of the IPTC Photo Metadata Working Group [presentation ]

The Image Metadata Handbook can be downloaded from the CEPIC website and the IPTC website.

High Noon: summary of the progress in photo metadata since the first Photo Metadata Conferences in 2007
Open to the floor: request for any new metadata features?
Michael Steidl, Managing Director of IPTC
[presentation ]

Summary by the Chair