Photo Metadata Conference

This was the

Photo Metadata Conference

"Image rights:
manage them - or lose them"


Thursday, 13 June 2013, Barcelona (Spain)

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IPTC Photo Metadata Conference 2013


Morning session

Machine Readable Rights in Practice

Introduction to machine readable rights in the picture library industry
Keynote by Abbie Enock , Capture

How can software help to manage rights?

* Richard Bamford , Extensis
* Ramon Forster , PicturePark
* Christopher Frenning , Fotoware
* Dennis Walker , Camera Bits
Moderator: David Riecks

What the users need: the (bad?) experience of buyers and sellers

* Cristina Gallego , La Vanguardia - Spanish newspaper
* Mirjam Wüthrich , Keystone (Switzerland)
* Gwyn Headley, fotoLIBRA (UK)
Moderator: Michael Steidl

The wider context: what is driving change?

* Paul Brown, BAPLA - Copyright legislation in the UK
* Michael Steidl , IPTC - Social media metadata test
* Jeff Sedlik , PLUS Coalition - PLUS standard use case
* Sylvie Fodor , CEPIC - CEPIC Image Registry project
Moderator: Sarah Saunders

The Camera: a Source of Rights Metadata?

Presentation about how closely latest digitial cameras are connected to the internet by David Riecks ,

Afternoon breakout sessions

Metadata of Cultural Heritage images

A meeting of people with interest in Cultural Heritage images and their requirements for special metadata. The topics were:

  • Embedded metadata and attribution of heritage images
  • IPTC Fields and the Cultural Heritage Sector
  • Data issues for heritage image libraries - panel discussion

The topics were discussed by Greg Reser (VRA), Vanessa Minet (British Museum), Dominique Delouis (Museum Images) and other Cultural Heritage experts.
Moderator: Sarah Saunders , Electric Lane

Metadata technology: what the future might bring

A round table discussion with metadata experts and software makers about gaps waiting to be filled. The topics will be:

  • Do existing metadata standards cover the businss requirements
  • Improved user interface features to make adding rights easier
  • The impact of image registries and their APIs on image management software

The topics were discussed by:
* Richard Bamford, Extensis
* Abbie Enock , Capture
* Christopher Frenning, Fotoware
* David Riecks,
* Jeff Sedlik, PLUS Coalition
* Dennis Walker, Camera Bits
* Margaret Warren , Image Snippets
Moderator: Michael Steidl , IPTC