First international

Photo Metadata Conference 2007, 7 June

"Working towards a seamless photo workflow"

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10:00 Opening by the Conference chair Stephane Guerillot (AFP) - IPTC Chairman
10:10 Keynote:
Andreas Trampe, head of the photodesk of "Stern"
, a German general interest magazine: "When the picture tide rises - how to get grips on quick selection and processing of photos"
    Part 1:
Reports from metadata users about their practical experience with speakers from photographer associations, picture agencies, newspapers and pre-print experts.
10:40 David Riecks: "Metadata - a stock photographer's view"
Stock photographers need to ensure that their images are properly and permanently identified with all essential information, particularly creator contact and descriptive information. Once the images leave their desktop however, file names get changed and quite often metadata is inadvertently or intentionally altered or stripped out. Stock images are especially vulnerable. The volume of imagery created by stock photographers coupled with the loss of control over what happens to the embedded metadata once their image files are posted online and widely circulated means that industry-wide adoption of metadata is needed.
11:00 ZIP Peter Krogh : "Next Steps in Metadata Standards - a User's Perspective"
Peter will present an outline of possible improvements to universal metadata standards, based on the work he has done in the field consulting with photographers, as well as his work with software manufacturers. The first part of the talk will cover immediately feasible standardization - a presentation of widely-used XMP-based schema that can be integrated into the IPTC standard. He will also speak about some longer-term solutions that can be provided by standardization, such as the incorporation of crowdsourcing mechanisms, versioning control, and web 2.0 integration.
11:20 Simon Span (The Mirror, UK): “The use of EXIF metadata in a newspaper workflow"
Trinity Mirror now run a completely ICC based colour managed workflow across all their  national newspaper and magazine titles. The group have recently launched a major investment programme in new presses at all national press sites with a view towards facilitating increased colour pagination. The use of embedded EXIF information on incoming picture files would further enable the improvement of colour reproduction and enhance quality across Trinity Mirror titles.
11:40   B R E A K .
11:55 Jan Leidicke (BVPA, Germany) : on stock photo agencies and photo archives
12:15 Roger Bacon (Reuters): Does meta matter to Reuters? 
The answer is yes!  And the Reuters presentation will detail why.  It will discuss our editorial process, from creation to delivery, and the important role that metadata plays in the journey from capture to ca$h.  Pit-stops along the way will highlight real issues that need solutions.  It will explore how to add further value to the 1,500 pictures moved daily. Reuters news and information reaches one billion people every day.
    Part 2:
Reports from photo metadata standardisation bodies about the current state and future developments:
12:35 Michael Steidl / IPTC:
"IPTC 'Headers' and the IPTC Core"
The IPTC published its first metadata schema for photos in 1991 and the IPTC Core provided an update in 2005. Both are still the most widely used metadata schemas for professional news photos and many software applications implement them. Michael will provide an overview of both standards and will outline how the IPTC creates and maintains standards.
  Harald Löffler / IPTC
"The IPTC Photo Metadata White Paper"
In 2006 the IPTC decided to take its photo metadata standards one step further. For this purpose it created a White Paper to collect use cases, business requirements and to define a set of "open issues" to be discussed with photo pros and software vendors. Harald will make the first public presentation of the paper.
13.05   L u n c h    b r e a k
14:00 Jeff Sedlik / PLUS: " Picture Licensing Universal System (PLUS) - International Metadata Standards for Expressing Image Rights"
In this presentation, PLUS Coalition President Jeff Sedlik will provide a technical overview of the PLUS standards, and describe the integration of PLUS image rights metadata within applications used for image capture, editing, management, e-commerce and display.
14:20 ZIP Sarah Saunders / BAPLA: "Where's the Label - Metadata for Picture Libraries and Publishers."
Since digital images took over the image marketplace there has been a problem with labelling. The three C's - Caption, Copyright and Credit - have either disappeared altogether or are hidden amongst the many metadata fields now available. BAPLA and the British publishers association body Pic4Press got together to recommend a number of key fields for image supply to publishers, using the IPTC Core fields as the basic standard. Sarah Saunders, Chair of the BAPLA Metadata Group explains the panel and the reasons for its development.

Part 3:
Reports from photo metadata implementers about available products and the development of future technology with speakers from makers of image management software and photo camera makers.

14:35 Gunar Penikis / Adobe Systems Inc.: "Overview of  XMP and how Adobe products make use of it"
Extensible Metadata Platform - XMP:
Understand how Adobe XMP provides a common language for metadata information exchange. Learn how to take advantage of multiple metadata standards and how to define your own. Explore how partners and developers are building XMP based solutions and workflows.
14:55 --- Joe Schorr / Apple Inc.: "How Apple photo applications and Mac OS manage photo metadata"
Metadata provides powerful ways to organize, catalog and search for photos -- but many photographers fail to include essential metadata with their images because the process is too complex and cumbersome with most of today's photo tools. Schorr will demonstrate how Apple has worked to reinvent the way metadata is applied, displayed and embedded in a deadline-driven workflow, so that photographers can easily take advantage of metadata standards in their everyday work.
15:25 Hiroshi Maeno / Canon: "How professional Canon cameras generate and manage metadata"
A case study for the Exif file recorded by digital cameras of Canon and file management using Exif metadata.
15:45   B R E A K .
16:00   Clemens Molinari / Fotoware: "How Fotoware software manages and processes photo metadata"
Clemens Molinari will premiere FotoWare's new metadata schema and configuration tools, labeled MDC (Metadata Configuration). MDC is based on XMP and allows elegant and flexible multi-standard, multi-namespace, multi-lingual handling of metadata. It consolidates all metadata manipulation within a workgroup, minimizing setup labour and offers straightforward system integration and several workflow automation features.
16:20 Peter Stig/ Hasselblad: "Hasselblad cameras and photo metadata"
The talk looks at the evolution of metadata handling in Hasselblad's products, with special focus on implementation of the IPTC Core. Perspective is drawn from current product line to future developments, based upon Hasselblad's ambition to deliver world class images and to support the image business of the photographer in all respects.
16:40 Josh Weisberg / Microsoft: "How Microsoft photo applications and latest Windows versions manage photo metadata"
Metadata is at the core of digital imaging, and is the key to effective organization, searching, sharing, and seamless workflows. Josh Weisberg will demonstrate how Windows Vista delivers significant improvements in how photo metadata is handled, and the implications for both photographers and technology companies.
17:10   A panel discussion on which actions are required to improve the photo workflow through the use of enhanced metadata.
17:55   Conclusions and outview
18:00   Conference closes