Second international

Photo Metadata Conference 2008, 5 June

"Metadata for Better Business"

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Adobe Systems Inc

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Programme + documentation (see the Zip or PDF logos next to the speakers)
09:30   Opening by the Conference chair, Stéphane Guérillot, AFP, Chairman of the IPTC.

Follow up since the last Conference - part 1:
Metadata faces the real world
A presentation from the Stock Artists Alliance on the use of metadata by the major stock distributors, and of their project to teach about and encourage the use of embedded metadata by photographers
David Riecks Given Talk


"Keywording versus Controlled Vocabularies"
Panel discussion joined by:
Kirsti O'Sullivan Given talk-
- Andrew LaBonte - Senior Manager, Corbis
- Raphaël Troncy Given Talk- CWI/W3C - Multimedia Semantics
- Yvan Cohen Given talk OnAsia/ImageKeyworder
- Chris Town Given talk Imense
This session will be moderated by Sarah Saunders.

11:40   Coffee Break
12:00   Follow up since the last Conference - part 2:
The new extension to the IPTC Photo Metadata
First public presentation of the updated IPTC Core and the new IPTC Extension schemas.
Michael Steidl Given talk and Harald Löffler Given talk
12:30   Lunch Break

Software for Better Metadata Input
Presentations and a panel discussion:
Abbie Enock Given talk Capture Ltd.
Josh Weisberg Microsoft
Gunar Penikis Adobe
Dennis Walker Camera Bits/Photo Mechanic
This session will be moderated by David Riecks.

15:00   Coffee Break
15:20   Specialized metadata: The MILE project - metadata for the cultural heritage sector.
Jessica Tier Given talk and Sarah Saunders Given talk

Identifying Photos
Presentations and discussions
- Prof Thomas Dreier Given talk and Staffan Teste Given talk : "Why is it crucial to have a unique picture identification - problems at court and the legal rules in the EU"
Jeff Sedlik, PLUS: The PLUS registry (Presentation will be given by David Riecks) Given talk
Hiroshi Maeno Given talk Canon Inc.: "The EOS camera data verification system"

16:50   Wrap up and conclusions by the Conference chair.
17:00   Conference closes